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Owner Relations FAQ

When Will I Receive My Check?
Revenue payments are issued on the last working day of each month. Checks will be mailed to the address on file – we are unable to offer electronic-deposit at this time. If your total unpaid revenue is less than $100, we will hold the revenue until the balance reaches $100. All revenue, regardless of amount, will be released yearly.

Why Is My Revenue In Suspense?
If you have received notice that your revenue is in Suspense, revenue will not be mailed until the issue is resolved. Revenue being suspended will continue to accrue until the issue is resolved and checks can be mailed. If the issue is not timely resolved, the revenue must be escheated to the State Unclaimed Property Office. The most common types of Suspense are:

  1. Address Suspense – If mail is returned undeliverable, or we are missing your address, we will require an updated Change of Address Form (see below).
  2. Tax ID Suspense – If we do not have your Tax ID on file, we are unable to issue full payment to you. You can opt to: A) send an IRS Form W9 to us verifying your Tax ID Number, or B) Request payment be made subject to a backup withholding rate of 24%.
  3. Title Suspense – If there is legal ambiguity or dispute affecting your ownership, we will provide you details on the specific nature of the issue and a recommendation to resolve the issue. However, we are unable to provide legal advice, which would include specific conveyance forms.

When Will I Receive Tax Forms?
Revenue from oil and gas production is considered taxable income by the IRS. All revenue paid will be reported to you on an IRS Form 1099 by January 31 of the following year.

How Do I Make a Change to My Account?
All documents changing ownership should be emailed or mailed to Warwick (see below). Unless specified otherwise, an uncertified copy of the recorded document will suffice. DO NOT MAIL ORIGINALS – THEY WILL NOT BE RETURNED. After processing, the new owner will receive an updated Division Order. Some common types of changes and required documents are:

  1. Sale of Interest/Property – Please provide a copy of the recorded conveyance documents. Warwick is unable to process documents that have not been filed with the County Clerk.
  2. Death of an Owner – Please provide a copy of the Final Decree of Distribution from the Probate processed within the same state as the property. If the estate is not probated (or not probated within the same state), Warwick may also be able to accept a recorded Affidavit of Death and Heirship along with a copy of the Death Certificate and Will.
  3. Address Change – Please provide a completed and signed Change of Address Form. Contact Warwick to request a copy of this form.
  4. Name Change – Please provide a copy of the legal document changing the name. Examples include: Marriage License or Divorce Decree.

How Do I Contact Warwick?
The best method of contact is email:
You may also contact Owner Relations by phone: (405) 607-3456 or by mail:

Warwick Investment Group
Attn: Owner Relations
6608 N Western Ave, Box 417
Oklahoma City, OK 73116

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